about us


Kiyan poush company (KPC) has initiated its activity in commercial field since 1993. This company entered to food products field with regard to the importance of using organic food products in people’s food chain. We can supply and export these products under international permissions and standards successfully.

We have an ability to present completely natural and organic products such as herbs, nuts and, etc with the most variations and we are committed that we bring about the highest quality rate and the most suitable price for our valuable customers.

Our vision is to provide natural and healthy organic products to create a global network of satisfied customers.
  1. Identifying suitable farms as well as encouraging and training talented farmers in organic farming.
  2. Focus on efficiency and increase product’s quality and variations.
  3. Maintain and reinforce innovative approach in order to innovate products based on customer’s needs.
  4. Efforts to provide users with the knowledge they need to know about organic products, their properties, and their effects on people’s health and environment.
  5. Continuous and consistent communication with manufacturers to innovate products and improve our produc.
  • Ethical principle
Maintain the highest standards for manufacturers, customers and employees.  
  • Value of company
Honesty, Responsibility, accountability & solidarity are some of our values to lead a healthy living approach around the world.  
  • Quality
According to international standards a wide range of organic products with the best quality is offered.  
  • Innovation
Identify and adopt to the environmental, social and economical changes to innovate new processed organic products and services.