Organic Damask Rose

Based on the extent evidence, the origin of this flower with regards to fossils with 30-million years which have been found in America, dates back to Middle East and Iran. At beginning of 17th century, Iran's Damask rose planting expands in India, North Africa, Turkey, Bulgaria. Notably, Iran is one of the oldest producers of Damask rose. The background of producing this flower in Iran dates back to 2500 years ago. Evidence is that distillation of flowers was first done in the late 17th century. Distillation method for flowers was expanded in Ottoman Empire in 14th century. Until 16th century, Iran was known as the biggest producer of rose water (rose oil) and also exporter to all around the world. It should be noted that, the first European country which benefits from the process of making rose water and oil extraction, was Spain.

Skin's wrinkle and inflammation treatment: Due to strong antioxidant, it confronts with free radical and fight against skin's sensitivity, additional skin's fat and microbes, and makes to cleanup the skin. Furthermore, it contains a large amounts of vitamin C that it can remove a variety of skin's wrinkle and facilitates skin's collagenization process. Damask rose petals maintain skin's cells and they are useful for hydration and solve skin's dryness. The petal's powder of Damask rose or its oil and or rose water helps to cure skin's inflammations resulted from pimples and acne.

Weight loss: Damask rose tea reduces appetite and increases fat digestion. Indeed, Damask rose helps to lose weight with intestine's detoxification and cleanup and also with increasing fat digestion. Relieve menstruation signs Drinking Damask rose tea reduces menstruation signs like painful kinks, regulate menstruation and improve mood.

Positive effect in pregnancy: Since Damask rose has vitamin C, consuming it makes to improve mother's body immune system and improves collagenization process in mother and fetus's body. Vitamin C existence is vital for fetus, because it adsorbs iron and calcium in body. Damask rose contains vitamin E, Selenium, Magnesium, vitamin B, Manganese, Potassium, which protects the mother and fetus's immune system from a variety of diseases.

Fighting with infection: Damask rose contains vitamins B12, B2, K, B-Carotene, Bioflavonoid, Tannin, Pectin, and reduces inflammation and infection.

Improve body's immune system: Since Damask rose has vitamin C, it has an ability to fight with infection and keep individual's safe from a cold, flu and sore throat. Furthermore, it improves respiratory diseases.

Anti-depressant and soothing: Damask rose is exhilarating, anti-depressant, anti-stress. Damask rose's scent is useful for mind and body relaxation.

Anti-cancer: Extent antioxidants, Catechin, Polyphenols in Damask rose prevent body from free radicals' damages. Extent Anthocyanin in Damask rose prevent from genetic mutations. Anti-oxidant of Damask rose destroys cancer cell without any damage to the cells of body.

Anti-constipation: Damask rose oil is a strong laxative which helps to cure constipation. Damask rose tea is useful to improve gastrointestinal condition, because it produces gall(bile) and helps to better digest fats and grows good intestine's bacteria.

In spite of sweet scent and numerous properties of Damask rose and essence, water rose and other's side products, smelling this flower and it's pollens creates allergy and for some persons and also, excess consumption of Damask rose reduces sexual force, creates a thirst, constipation and in some cases Diarrhea.

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