Organic Barberry

The Barberry name (with scientific name of Berberis Vulgaris) is adapted from Greek word of Berberia. The Barberry name was in Medieval scientists' writings. Janunsis Simon was the first person that recognized it to Europeans in the 8th century. Zakariya Razi is the first person who knows medical properties of Barberry. This plant is native to central and south Europe, Northwest of Africa and west of Asia, it is accustomed to Northern Europe, such as Britain Islands, Scandinavian and Northern America and it is native for this place.

  • Fighting with infection and inflammation: Barberry has anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties, in that way, it can prevent from infection with prohibiting bacterial binding to human cells. In addition to, it can have an effective role to improve bladder, digestive system's infection. This plant is rich of vitamin C and B like Thiamine and minerals like Zinc. It can help to heal sore throat and inflammation.
  • Improving digestive system condition: Since Barberry is the rich source of fiber, it can heal digestive system function.
  • Blood Glucose control: Barberry contains Berberin chemical compound which play an effective role in blood glucose control and it is effective to control blood glucose and diabetic disease.
  • Cholesterol control: Barberry's fiber canĀ  control the unnecessary Cholesterol of large intestine that increases good Cholesterol level.
  • Improving blood flow and heart health: All foods that control Cholesterol level, can dilate blood vessels and will manage blood pressure. Barberry optimized blood flow in the body and prevents from vascular obstruction, that this matter optimizes heart function.
  • Detoxification of blood: Barberry can help to improve liver function which detoxification in the body is well-done. Since liver has an effective role in toxins cleanup. Regular using of Barberry can optimize this cleanup.
  • Anemia treatment: Barberry is so effective to treat anemia. Since it contains a large amount of iron and vitamin C, it is so effective against anemia. Given that vitamin C considers as a good supplement to adsorb foodstuff's iron, Barberry facilitates and optimizes iron absorption process.
  • Raising the immune system: Existence antioxidants in Barberry are effective to fight with free radicals and improve body's immune system and defensive function.
  1. Consuming during pregnancy and lactation isn't recommended.
  2. Long-term consumption may create food poisoning
  3. Excess consumption has stomach flatulence(stomach gas)

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