Organic Fig

The main origin of fig tree planting is in Europe-Asia, Mediterranean regions and in Iran is in Samangan village. This village is the cradle of Iran's fig. the existence effects of this tree are seen in the late of Cretaceous and in the fourth era has been discovered around Mediterranean Sea. In ancient Egypt, since 2800 BC, the planting of fig trees has been commonplace. The most of Fig gardens of world is Iran (Fars Province). It should be noted that, the leave's of fig tree has 3 to 5 lobes. A part called fig tree fruit, indeed, isn't fruit, but also it is an apophysis that the flowers of fig are inside it and sugar contents accumulate in this apophysis.


Improve digestive condition: Fig makes to cure and reduce constipation. Extent fiber in the dry fig helps to healthy function of intestine.

Anemia treatment: Dry fig is brimful of vitamin C and iron, which combining these two nutritional ingredients can play effective role to cure individual's with anemia which is resulted of iron deficiency.

Memory improvement: Eating dry fig will increase concentration and memory reinforcement. In such way that, it is recommended to pregnant women to eat dry fig to improve their fetus's memory.

Improve bones: Dry fig contains a large amount of Calcium and Phosphor which helps to strength bones. Consuming this dry fruit in middle-aged and elders due to bone's vulnerability is so recommended.

Shortness of breath treatment: Dry fig treats diseases like asthma, shortness of breath. Fig juice has an ability to cure sore throat and coughing

Hair health: Fig contains Sulphur that reinforces hair and cures head scurf.

  • Due to large amounts of Oxalate in dry fig, individuals with having nephrolith and gallstones should be careful about it.
  • Fig consumption is harmful for individuals with diabetic disease.
  • Persons who have a poor liver function must consume fig along with walnut

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