Organic Pomegranate

Pomegranate (with scientific name of Punica granatum) with history witness is a native fruit of Iran. Pomegranate planted among 3000 to 4000 BC in Iran. In holy books, it has been mentioned for several times, like Quran, which pomegranate mentioned it for three times. Among ancient Egypt, pomegranate is very well- known fruit. At the time of prophet Moss, high quality pomegranate planted in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. Following, planting pomegranate tree became commonplace in the Mediterranean region and western countries like India. After Islam penetration in Spain, planting pomegranate was usual in that land. In 13th century AD, planting of this tree become popular in England. Later, Spanish introduces this valuable fruit to Mexico and America. So that, planting this tree is expanded in tropical and dry regions around the world. Now, high quality pomegranate kind relates to countries such as Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Morocco and Spain.

Increasing skin health: Pomegranate is rich of vitamin C which can be effective in improving hair. In addition to, pomegranate is brimful of antioxidants, like Proanthocyanin, Flavonoid which can help to delay aging signs and skin's wrinkle.

Increasing hair health: Strong antioxidants in pomegranate reinforce or improve hair follicle and increase blood circulation in head skin. Since pomegranate seeds contain Acid, it improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth and prevent from hair loss.

Anemia prevention: Due to significant amount of iron in fruit, producing red blood process improves in body. In addition to, with a large amounts of vitamin C in pomegranate, the process of iron adsorption facilitates in body.

Anti-cancer properties: Existence antioxidants in pomegranate's extract destroy free radicals in body and prohibits the growing of cancer cells in body. Pomegranate's extract is Apoptosis inducer, which cancer cells destroy themselves on it. This fruit has an effective role to prevent from prostate and chest cancer.

Increasing body's immune system: Existence antioxidants in pomegranate's extract increase the number of blood's white blood and increase its efficiency. This extract has anti-microbe and anti-bacteria properties. Improving heart health.Pomegranate's juice helps to protect heart health. In this wat, its use reduces arterial inflammations. Pomegranate's extract reduces arterial obstruction, reduces bad Cholesterol, and increase good Cholesterol.

Blood sugar control: The Fructose of pomegranate's extract doesn't raise blood sugar level. Consuming this fruit has a great effect for controlling blood sugar level.

Blood pressure control: Pomegranate's extract reduces blood vessel's inflammation and wastes, and controls blood pressure. Pomegranate functions as a natural Aspirin. It dilutes the blood and as a result improves blood flow in body.

Pomegranate is a fruit which is brimful of vitamin and due to iron and another component, it digests late. Excess consumption makes to create disorders in intestine system. Consuming this fruit in some cases cause to create allergy. Signs like itching, skin problem and shortness of breath, pain and influenza in the mouth.

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