Organic Saffron

Using this plant, has 3500 years antiquity. This plant is known as a kind of spices, it gains from dried Saffron flower's stigma. This plant is known with scientific name of “Crodcus Stativus”, that has a special color and scent, which can use in medicine field. the origin of Saffron dates back to southwest Asia. After that, for the first time, this plant discovered in ancient Greek. On the other hand, Saffron origin in Assyrian botanical dates back to 7th century BC, then for Millennium, it has been the focus of export and use for the treatment of diseases. Gradually, planting this valuable plant expanded in Asia-Europe and then, it reached to parts of Northern Africa and Northern America and also should be noted that Iran is the biggest producer of this worthy plant.

Increasing immune system: Saffron contains vitamin C that is important for health. As you know, this vitamin increases white blood cells in the blood which will increase body's immune system against diseases.

Blood circulate regulation: Saffron is known as boosting and enhancing circulation in the body. with increasing blood circulation, the metabolism goes up. This plant provides the ability to supply required iron with increasing red blood rates which increase oxygen in body and finally increase blood circulation.

Diabetic control: Since diabetic is one of a pervasive disease in present age, consuming Saffron can play effective role to regulate the blood sugar level and control it. this properties of Saffron is due to significant manganese in this plant's structure.

Protect the heart: Potassium is an effective elements or components to protect heart. This component is as vasodilator and play an effective role to control blood pressure in vessels. This matter cause to prevent from heart stroke. Significant existence of this components in Saffron can reveal special position of this plant to protect heart.

Reduce anxiety and improve nerve function and anti-depressant: One of the most important properties of Saffron summarizes to control depression and creating relaxation. in such a way that, this plant is known as an effective plant to normal cure of depression through several scientific organizations. The reason of this properties is that it has an active compound that effect on Endocrine system and helps to release useful hormones to increase body's health. On the other hand, this plant contains vitamin B6 that it prevents from dangerous disorders and more helps to nerve system. Safranal and Crocin, which are two existence compounds in Saffron, like Dopamine, Serotonin and Neuropinorphin, regulate neurology.

Improving bone's power: Some of organic and inorganic materials in Saffron cause to adsorb calcium in the body. In such a way that with maximizing food's calcium absorption, body obtains appropriate situation for bone's mineral density and will cause to prevent from diseases like Osteoporosis.

Reduce stomach disorders: Saffron has an effective role to cure stomach's flatulence and disorders. Anti-inflammation and relaxation nature of this plant can treat some problems such as bloating and ulcers Inflammation treatment and reduce pain For individuals, which have sport injuries, Arthritis, Gout and other inflammation situations, locally consuming this plant can be effective. In addition, the process of local ulcer treatment can facilitate through existence antioxidant in this plant.

Protect skin and hair: Antioxidant inside Saffron has anti-aging properties. Saffron makes the skin soft, smooth and brilliant. Furthermore, properties like skin whitening, preventing from acne and destroying skin's stains can figure out with Saffron. This plant contains vitamin B12 that helps to treat lip's split and dryness. On the other hand, this plant strengthens hair strands and prevent from losing hair. This plant improves blood flow to hair's follicle and then with more blood flow, more foodstuffs and oxygen give to follicle.

In spite that Saffron is worthy plant but it is harmful for some persons. We can't use Saffron during pregnancy and lactation and also person who their palms become wet and who has uncertain Allergy.

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